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Written by: Brittany McCulloch
Communications and Marketing Manager
She / Her / Hers

March is dedicated to celebrating the contributions, achievements, and resilience of women. Women’s History Month encourages us to recognize the women who have shaped our world and acknowledge the ongoing fight for women’s rights. 

Sadly, Oklahoma ranked as the worst state in the country for women in 2024. We have the lowest score for women’s healthcare and safety and are second-lowest for women’s economic and social well-being (Business Insider).  

Around the world, we encounter sexual harassment, violence, and reproductive control. We face barriers to education, employment, healthcare, and more. 

Despite the challenges that women and girls are up against in Oklahoma, there are so many women working to improve outcomes in our communities. An overwhelming number of nonprofit organizations in Tulsa are led by women, each of whom shows up with a passion for community and inspire me in countless ways. I work with incredible women at Amplify, who energize me with their dedication to provide sexual health information to young people in hopes to mitigate the harms we face in our state.

A woman who has always inspired me was my grandmother. She earned a master’s degree in 1955, paving the way for women like me to obtain higher education. She was also the founder and first instructor of the Child Development Department at what is now Rogers State University.  

She was a pioneer in women’s business ownership and founded the First Edition Bookshop in 1978. The store became a Tulsa staple for rare and collectible books for nearly 20 years. She was a champion of women’s rights and remained passionately interested in politics and social justice throughout her life.  

I’m incredibly proud to follow in her footsteps. For me, sexual and reproductive health is the foundation of equity and equality for women. It allows us to plan for our futures and families on our terms, and pursue our education, career, and personal goals.  

Throughout history, women like my grandmother have always been catalysts for change. We break barriers, challenge norms, and try to create a better world for women and girls who come after us. The stories of women who make contributions in every field imaginable push us to continue advocating for progress and equality for all.  

This month, I honor the trailblazers, innovators, and advocates who have shaped my past and inspire me today. To the amazing women I call friends, family, and colleagues – I’m so grateful for your influence. We will always be stronger together. 

Happy Women’s History Month!  

Brittany McCulloch

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