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Young people need trusted adults and youth-centered spaces to support them more than ever! Does your organization have the structures in place to answer the call?

For many of us, the pandemic challenged our capacity to implement youth-centered work and support the young people in our missions as authentically as before. It caused many of us to reevaluate the structure of programs and our role as adult program coordinators. We still feel the effects of the pandemic daily, but there is hope!

Through this nationally acclaimed session, participants will learn valuable insights and best practices for replicating a youth-centered program model that shares power with young people, combats internalized Adultism, adapts to unforeseen challenges, and creates spaces where youth can authentically impact their community. This session will be interactive and motivating, with many opportunities to reflect on our work in collaboration with young people and to set goals for the programs that serve them.

Meet the Facilitators:

Gabriela Peña Pérez:

Born in Mexico City, Gabriela Peña Pérez emigrated with dreams and hopes to the United States in 2016. Through her involvement with Business Professionals of America, the Hispanic Student Association, and the Tulsa Mayor’s Youth Committee, Gaby graduated from Union High School in 2020, realizing she had a passion for helping others in her community. She continued developing her advocacy skills by joining Amplify Youth Health Collective’s Youth Leadership Council, a leadership program dedicated to health awareness for teens in Tulsa, Oklahoma. During her time with the Youth leadership Council, Gaby created, planned, and implemented her idea of bringing a virtual body positivity workshop to Tulsa youth in English and Spanish. Gaby then expanded her project to a 3 part series for adult educators working with young people at Tulsa Community College. Gaby is currently studying at Tulsa Community College and is passionate about creating more spaces for her peers to learn and embrace their bodies, gain confidence, and create community. She is a member of Take Control Initiative’s Peer Health Educator program promoting sexual health to college-aged young adults and a peer educator to the Spanish-speaking community through the “Promotora” program. Moving forward, Gaby wants to expand her Loving my Body project to create a club for teens to explore other dimensions of holistic wellness.

Tammy Delocéano:

Tammy Delocéano (any respectful pronouns) is a proud Neurodivergent Latinx Queer artist and a charismatic advocate for the rights of people to feel good in their bodies and live in safe communities. As the Youth Leadership Council Program Coordinator, Tammy joined Amplify Youth Health Collective in 2020. With YLC, Tammy collaborates with teen leaders to create resources and events promoting adolescent sexual health and well-being in the Tulsa Area. Tammy wants to combat Adultism and body negativity and support young people to fully grow into themselves without fear. With the support and collaboration of many young people, Tammy has spent the last eight years creating award-winning, nationally recognized program spaces where young people can lead and innovate their communities ranging from Body Positive fashion clubs, POC empowerment spaces, Summer Camps, and her current role with Amplify’s Youth Leadership Council. With his background in photography and a Human relations degree from “The school of life,” Tammy has seen the power positive media representation and meaningful participation can have for marginalized groups in society and brings these ideas to their activism and their career as Youth Program Coordinator.

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