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“For me, as a parent, it is really important that my child has the opportunity to have factual information about ways that she can stay safe and stay healthy.”

Jennifer Solis, Tulsa parent

Amplify’s Parent and Trusted Adult Group is a great place for supportive adults to learn more about youth sexual health in the Tulsa area while building community and advocating for Tulsa’s young people. Group members help inform Amplify about what parents and trusted adults need to support young people in their sexual health and wellness. As an appreciation for lending their time and perspective, members are compensated for each meeting they attend.

Members attend monthly meetings centered around education and advocacy. Meetings cover a variety of topics helpful for parents and trusted adults, from strategies to reframe harmful language to group discussions on what it means to be an advocate for youth sexual health.

As the group continues to meet, we are excited to brainstorm creative ways for the members to become further involved in Amplify’s mission. We hope to see parents and trusted adults help table at our community outreach events, attend Amplify trainings, and provide insight on Amplify’s goals.

The group meets on the last Tuesday of the month from 5:30-7:00 pm.  

Fill out the interest form below! Amplify staff will reach out within a week to provide more information.

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