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Paula Royce, she/her/hers
Female Programming Coordinator
Family Center for Juvenile Justice
Meet Paula!

Paula Royce has been facilitating gender specific programming for youth in our community for 22 years. She currently serves as the Female Programming Coordinator for the Family Center for Juvenile Justice in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In her role, Paula facilitates weekly Girl Power groups in Middle and High Schools within Tulsa Public Schools, as well as at the Juvenile Detention Center. Girl Power’s primary focus is intervention/prevention and services for the members of the group. Through these groups, Paula provides evidence-based, medically accurate, and trauma-informed resources and information to over 125 young people each week!

Paula partners with many youth-serving organizations to deliver important information to young people in our community, and she also partners with her Probation, Intake, and Detention co-workers to provide resources and services for the young people in the Juvenile Justice System. Additionally, she facilitates trainings on Human Trafficking and child exploitation for adults and youth in our state and local community.

Paula is a member of the Tulsa Health and Education Coalition and the Oklahoma Coalition Against Trafficking. She was recently recognized by Ascension St. John as a partner going above and beyond to advocate for persons who have experienced human trafficking. In the past, she has also received recognition from the Tristesse Grief Center, Domestic Violence Intervention Services (DVIS), and Tulsa Kids Magazine.

When Paula isn’t busy supporting young people, she loves to walk her dog Neville, garden when the weather is nice, read, hang out at coffee shops, travel, and practice hot yoga, barre, or Pilates at her Yoga studio. Speaking of Neville, she has loved and owned dogs her entire life – her Grandpa gave Paula her first puppy when she was just 2 months old! A fun fact about Paula is that after working part-time at Gap and Athleta in Utica Square for 20 years, she now has a lifetime discount!

“We all have a stake in the community we share.  Our young people need caring adults as well as an opportunity to use their voice in what they need from adults.  We need to advocate for and support the youth in our community.  They are our next leaders and the people who will make a difference!  I know young people want to thrive and supporting sexual health programming gives youth more choice and the freedom to choose the path that is right for them.”

What do you enjoy most about the work you do?

“Getting to interact and build relationships with young people! The most meaningful moments are when I get an unexpected call/text/message from a former Girl Power member inquiring about resources or just letting me know how much Girl Power meant to her. I learn so much from them and am honored to be a part of their journey. It’s also great to run into young people in the community and have them recognize me! I also am so grateful for the amazing people I have the privilege of partnering with in our community.”

Why do you enjoy working with the team at Amplify?

“The Amplify team is so innovative and creative! I love their energy and generous contributions to the young people and our community.”

How can the community support your organization’s work?

“By understanding and recognizing that mistakes don’t define a person and by giving grace to young people that are just needing a bit more guidance.”

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