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Our organization has partnered with Strategies360 to conduct scientific public perception polling over teen pregnancy, sex education, and youth health issues within Tulsa County.

Results inform our organization and partners on the climate and knowledge of these issues within our community, potential needs, and tracks progress over the years. This polling was conducted most recently in May 2019.

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Key Findings Included
Reducing Teen Pregnancy
  • Tulsans overwhelmingly agree reducing teen pregnancy is important
  • Support grew to 90% after being told how Oklahoma compared nationally for teen birth rates
Sex Education
  • 88% of Tulsans support sex education within Tulsa Public Schools
  • The majority of respondents support the teaching of inclusive sex education
Teen Healthcare

  • 90% of Tulsa adults agree teens should have access to publicly funded health centers

Talking About Sex
  • Half of Tulsans believe parents feel uncomfortable talking with their kids about sex
  • The most common reasons for discomfort were reported as holding conservative values or being afraid of saying the wrong thing
Birth Control
  • The majority of respondents think teens should have access to birth control if they are sexually active
  • Strong support was shown for having condoms available at High Schools
Contraceptive Knowledge
  • There is near universal familiarity (96%) with birth control pills and condoms
  • Only 44% knew where to find free or reduced cost birth control in Tulsa
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