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First thing: You are loved and valid as you are.

You are not alone.

If you are in immediate need or have suicidal thoughts

The Trevor Project has a hotline, support chatroom, and confidential texting with a counselor available.

Build your community of support.

Local LGBTQIAA2S+ Programs
  • Find the YST Gay Straight Alliance on Instagram @yst_gsa 
  • Find the YST Coffeehouse on Instagram @yst_coffeehouse 
  • 2SLGBTQ+ Services at Youth Services of Tulsa (Call 918-582-0061)
  • Alphabet Soup, a social program for youth 13-17 at Oklahomans for Equality meets every Saturday from 5-8 PM
  • CampFire Green Country has several programs for 2SLGBTQ+ youth, join one here
Need a Safe Place to Stay?

Youth Services of Tulsa has a drop-in center and shelter for youth needing a safe place to stay.

  • TEXT: The word SAFE to 44357
  • CALL:  918-582-0061  

The shelter is open to all youth, ages 12 to 18, who don’t have a safe place to go. The shelter provides warm beds, hot meals, showers, clean clothes, counseling and a caring staff who offer support and resources to help youth return safely home or to another safe living situation. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Coming out as 2SLGBTQ+

Check out this resource guide from GLSEN, or watch this video with tips for coming out to your friends, family, and trusted adults.

LGBTQIAA2S+ Sexual Health

STIs and HIV affect 2SLGBTQ+ folks as well. Stay on top of your sexual health.

It’s important for sexually active folks to get regularly tested to know their status and receive treatment if needed. We have a whole page with more information on STIs + HIV – including where to get free and confidential sexual health services!

Getting Tested

Do you need help talking with a healthcare provider about your 2SLGBTQ+ identity?

Have you heard of Q Cards? They can help facilitate these conversations in an non-intimidating way!

The Q Card itself has three panels that let youth fill in their name, pronouns, sexual orientation, and gender identity. It also provides additional space for youth to list any concerns or questions.

We have Q Cards for free at our office for you or your organization! Visit us today.

Learn More About The Q Card Project

imi helps address elements contributing to the growing mental health crisis affecting 2SLGBTQ+ youth by providing them with free, accessible, and research-backed support in a safe digital space. imi was created through a collaboration of 2SLGBTQ+ organizations, and hundreds of 2SLGBTQ+ young people from across the country – it’s a tool for 2SLGBTQ+ teens, by 2SLGBTQ+ teens and their allies.

You are not alone. If you are in immediate need or have suicidal thoughts, The Trevor Project has a hotline, support chatroom, and confidential texting with a counselor available.

Want more information on 2SLGBTQ+ sexual health? Our friends at Scarleteen are sexperts and champion sex ed for the real world!

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