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Being Teen Friendly:

A how-to guide for being teen friendly as a healthcare provider.

  • Posters and pamphlets posted on the walls with information that regards teens and parents
  • Display age-appropriate materials
  • Designate a separate waiting room for teens who are nervous
  • Provide one-on-one counseling for those who are uncomfortable sharing
  • Make contraceptives and condoms easily available for teens
  • Be friendly when a new patient comes in
  • Allow same-day appointments or walk-ins 
  • Respect their privacy and guide them to a separate room if they do not feel comfortable talking at the front desk
  • Offer for any parents to stay in the waiting room while their child speaks to you privately
  • Discuss the privacy policies of the patient (HIPAA) 
  • Respect their choices in decision making, guiding them to the direction of protection and preventative measures
  • Use inclusive terms when talking to them about their partners 
After the visit
  • Encourage them to come back for a check-up
  • Contact the patient (using their preferred method of communication) about actions plans, counseling, and lab results
  • Refer teen patients to a trusted provider
  • Encourage the patient to share with their friends what they have learned from the visit

Why and how providers should get consent:

  • Greet your patients when they are fully clothed; this shows that you care about consent
  • Ask your patients if it is okay to be touched before you perform a physical exam
  • Check in during the exam; ensure your patient that you are there for them if they have any questions or doubts. Always ask how the patient is doing and if they are feeling any discomfort
  • Stop if your patient says “no” or is uncomfortable; this shows that you are respecting their decision to further (or discontinue) the exam or conversation
  • Consent applies to birth control too; if your patient does not agree to be put on birth control, do not force them into the decision
  • Always get consent before performing an exam under anesthesia; explain why the process will be occurring and how the process will be followed through 

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