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February 14, 2023
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There is always more to learn. Here are some of our favorite resources.


You can probably guess what this step means – love and embrace your child as they are. Doing all of these things won’t be easy for every adult seeking these tips, but if you can be the trusted adult your child needs during this moment in their life, you may be their only lifeline. It’s ok to … Continued


We know support sounds incredibly broad – it is. Support will look different for every LGBTQIAA2S+ person. Ultimately, this step is just making a commitment to be your child’s trusted adult and embracing them as they are. This can be shown by


Good news! You are already doing this step. You don’t have to know all the answers or be an LGBTQIAA2S+ expert to understand the identity of your child. Take some time to brush up on terms you may hear when talking with them and read through tips from other parents who are experiencing similar situations … Continued

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