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February 2, 2023
Beyond the Binary: Fundamentals & Best-Practices for Supporting 2SLGBTQIA+ Youth

4 hours (half day) Physical and mental health inequities persist for 2SLGBTQIAA+ young people locally and nationally. These inequities result from systemic discrimination and rejection from others. Accepting and affirming adults save lives. According to the Trevor Project’s 2019 National Survey of LGBTQ Youth Mental Health, LGBTQ youth who report having at least one accepting … Continued

Exploring Personal Values & Responding to Sensitive Questions

2-2.5 hours Understanding and responding to sensitive questions about puberty, sex, and relationships is critical for youth-serving professionals. In this session, participants explore personal values related to sexuality and the role those values may play in their comfort and confidence in responding to questions from young people. Participants will learn about five types of questions … Continued

What Happens When? Understanding Sexual Development

2 hours Parents, caregivers, trusted adults, and youth-serving professionals often wonder – when does sexual development start? When should I prepare to have “the talk”? This session discusses sexual development from childhood through puberty. Participants will learn about human sexual development, common changes of puberty, common behaviors, and the role trusted adults play in supporting … Continued

Holistic Sexuality & Youth

1-1.5 hours Holistic sexuality includes the entire person, not just one aspect. Our sexuality includes how we think and feel about ourselves and our bodies, who we are attracted to, who we are, and our sexual and reproductive anatomy. This session utilizes an adapted version of Dr. Dennis Dailey’s Circles of Sexuality. Participants learn about … Continued

Sexual Health Education & Policy

1-1.5 hours Organizational, local, state and national policies have a crucial impact on the sexual health outcomes of young people. This training explores adolescent sexual health data in relation to Oklahoma’s state policies, focusing on sexual health education.

The State of Adolescent Sexual Health

1-1.5 hours Young people in Oklahoma often do not have access to the information and resources they need to achieve sexual health and well-being. This presentation reviews key sexual health outcome data, describes the role trusted adults play in supporting sexual health outcomes for the youth they serve, and provides participants with key resources and … Continued

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