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June 21, 2024
Can it be confidential?

Visit our Find a Clinic page to see your nearest location for confidential clinic services.

Do my parents have to know about the appointment?

Youth 19 and under can receive confidential sexual and reproductive health care at all of our partner clinics. Whether you’re looking for birth control, condoms, or STI testing, you can probably get it for free and confidentially.

Is birth control safe?

All FDA-approved birth control methods have gone through extensive research showing they are safe to use and effective at preventing pregnancy. Some even have other benefits, like making your periods shorter, giving you periods with less cramping, and improving acne. Talk with your medical provider about your health history and any risk factors you may have. For … Continued

Is birth control expensive?

Most birth control methods are available either free or low-cost. Our partner organization Take Control Initiative actually sponsors free long acting birth control options for folks in our community. They will even get you a ride to the clinic! Find out more information here.

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