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  • Consent Conversation Starters
  • Sexual Health Conversation Starters
  • Talk With Your Kids (PDF)
  • Talking With Your Teens (PDF)
  • Amaze Junior: Little kids have big questions. Amaze Jr. brings parents age-appropriate sex-ed resources about talking to young children and fun videos to share with your children.
  • Melissa Carnagey’s book is a bestselling comprehensive guide that helps caregivers create the kind of bond that keeps kids safer, informed and empowered in their sexual health. The book walks you through over 150 conversation starters, reflection exercises, and activities you can implement at every age and stage on topics such as bodies, feelings, safe and unsafe touch, consent, relationships, menstruation, pleasure, online porn, gender, sex and more.
  • Amplify Tulsa has a free lending library, in addition to book recommendations broken down by age range on their website. Books are a fantastic tool for talking with your child about sexual health, consent, safety, puberty, and relationships.

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