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Sexual abuse

  • Includes but not limited to: rape, incest and lewd or indecent acts or proposals made to a child.

Statutory Rape

  • Sexual intercourse (vaginal or anal penetration) where victim is under age 16 or cannot consent.
  • The victim is under legal custody or supervision of local, state or federal government and engages in sexual intercourse with an employee of any of those agencies.
  • The victim is at least 16, but less than 20, and is a student under the custody/supervision of any school with a person who is age 18 and an employee of the school.
  • The victim is 19 or younger and engages in sexual intercourse with a foster parent.
  • The victim is age 16 or 17 and engages in sexual intercourse with someone who is responsible for child’s health, safety, and welfare. (Parent, guardian, foster parent, or other adults living in home.)

Sexual Assault

  • Not separately defined.


  • Failure to provide adequate supervision, nurturing and affection, food, clothing, shelter, sanitation, hygiene and education.
  • Failure to provide adequate medical, dental, and behavioral healthcare.
  • Exposure to illegal drugs, illegal activities, sexual acts or abandonment.

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