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The Amplify Team

The most fun folks you will ever meet. Our dream is for every young person to grow up in a community that supports them and their dreams, and provides the education and resources to plan their entire future.

Heather Duvall, MA
Executive Director
She / Her / Hers

Heather Duvall returned to Amplify Youth Health Collective as its Executive Director in November 2020.  In her previous five-year tenure, from 2013 to 2018, she was the Director of Programs at Amplify (previously known as Tulsa Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy) where she guided strategic direction for the organization and established sexual health education in Tulsa Public Schools.  

Duvall is a leader in the nonprofit sector in Oklahoma and a national leader in the adolescent health and development field. Prior to Amplify, she held leadership roles at CAP Tulsa and Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy, and taught at the University of Central Oklahoma. Most recently she was the statewide Director of Programs for the Oklahoma Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. 

For over 20 years, Duvall has been advocating for educational opportunities and uniting diverse groups toward a shared vision to make our communities a place where all young people are valued. Duvall was raised in rural Oklahoma and has a Master’s Degree in Communication from the University of Oklahoma and a Bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma State University.    

A: If I could have one super power I would wish to be MAGIC. And I would conjure all types of powers for good in the world. And the dishes and laundry would always be done.

A: I grew up in a small town. At an early age, I recognized that the interconnections of families, neighbors, and the entire community plays a vital role in supporting young people. One of my favorite things about Tulsa is that you can see that same type of community support here, even though it is a much larger city. There are many disparities that exist for too many young people in Tulsa, and I see Tulsans working every day to make it a better place where all young people can grow up healthy and able to take hold of every opportunity. The work that we get to do supports all young people to fulfill their highest potential, and the enthusiastic collaboration in Tulsa makes it all possible.

Jenny Briggs, MSW, LMSW
Director of Learning and Impact
She / Her / Hers

Jenny Briggs is a Licensed Master Social Worker who brings a strengths-based, systems-oriented approach and passion for youth-voice to her work with Amplify. Previously, Jenny served as Program Director for Camp Fire Green Country and as a Family Life & Sexuality Educator for the Carrera Program. In addition to sexual health education, Jenny’s experiences include positive youth development, trauma-informed care, team management, program development and evaluation, and leveraging community partnerships to achieve long-term goals.

A: Can I choose 146? If I can choose 146 folks, I’d bring all the youth I had the opportunity to work with in Carrera class of 2021 together again. I’ve never laughed more with or learned more from anyone (especially you, 7th hour) than this remarkable, reflective, courageous, hilarious group of young people. But if I only get one, I’d have to pick Kurt Vonnegut, because he was clever and charming and profound all in the same sentence.

A: The people. I have the privilege of working alongside some of the most heart-centered, youth-driven, intentional folks in promoting adolescent sexual health and in my personal life. I’m grateful for the change makers, the social workers, the advocates, the organizers, and the mentors I learn from every day. Tulsa is transforming because the people just do NOT quit.

Donna Willis
Grant Manager
She / Her / Hers

Donna Willis joined Amplify in July 2020 as the Grant Manager. Donna has a varied background, including obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, running a home business as a medical transcriptionist, training as a horticultural therapist, freelance editing, and for the last 12 years, serving as office manager for the Zarrow Center for Learning Enrichment at the University of Oklahoma. Donna has experience assisting with writing and administering a range of large-scale federal grants as well as state and agency grants. She also served on the research team that developed the Transition Assessment and Goal Generator and assisted with data management and technical writing.

A: Life’s Better When You’re Growing: The Enduring Education of Donna Willis

Coming up with a title for my autobiography required a bit of self-reflection, but I didn’t want to overlook the forest for the trees, so to speak. Looking back, I can see that my happiest times have involved growing. I have a passion for horticulture and love growing flowers and veggies. I enjoy growing my knowledge through formal education and studying my passions of horticulture and natural healing. And, I am having so much fun with my growing family, which now includes 3 amazing grandchildren and an adorable baby nephew!

The Gathering Place! It’s a beautiful park and there are so many amazing features and options for family fun.

Tammy Delocéano
YLC Program Coordinator
They / All Pronouns

Tammy joined the Amplify Team as the Youth Leadership Council Program Coordinator in September 2020. Tammy is a vibrant, charismatic and committed individual with a passion for promoting body positive self-expression to anyone and everyone. Tammy has spent the last 5 years of their life promoting youth-voice by working with Camp Fire Green Country where they created body positive programming for teens and also volunteering as a camp counselor at OCCJ’s Camp Anytown during summers. A lover of Fashion and visual storytelling, they cultivated their artistic aesthetic and media skills while enrolled in the Photography department at OSU-IT. Tammy believes strongly in the power of positive media representation and meaningful participation for marginalized groups in society and brings these ideas to their work as YLC Program Coordinator. Tammy will also be joining the Board of Directors for Hope Testing in January 2021.

A: I have always wanted my own talk show! The current working title is “Tea Time with Tammy” and here is my lineup for the first episode full of laughs, music, science, and in depth interviews with celebrities!

  1. Introduction where I share the names I go by as a Nonbinary person! I use the names Tammy and T so it’s best to get that lesson out of the way first to avoid confusion 🙂
  2. Comedic skits and stand up sets from Ilana Glazer and Michelle Buteau to warm up the crowd.
  3. Science experiments with STEM queen and style Icon Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus
  4. Belly Dance tutorial from my childhood Pop idol Shakira where she’s impressed by my skills and takes me on tour with her
  5. Fashion segment with a style panel of Billy Porter, Alok Vaid Menon and my Mom.
  6. Megan thee Stallion will close out the show with some music from her new album

I may be biased because it’s my show, but I’d watch it! Hope you would too, those celebrity appearances ain’t cheap! 🙂

A: It’s the great mixture of small town and metropolitan. There’s a little bit of everything you would find in a city yet the nights are quiet and peaceful like a small town. I also love and support the growing diversity we have from all the people who make Tulsa great with their cultures, languages, food and individuality. The diversity makes Tulsa so much more culturally rich and I’m excited to see the progress and important conversations we as Tulsans have together.

Samantha Higgs, MS
Capacity and Outreach Coordinator
She / Her / Hers

Samantha Higgs joined Amplify Youth Health Collective as the Capacity and Outreach Coordinator in November 2020. Samantha previously worked as a Health Education Specialist at Youth Services of Tulsa serving youth around the Tulsa area by providing sexual health education and assisting young people in connecting with clinics for their sexual health care. She has served as the secretary for the Tulsa Health and Education Coalition since January of 2018. In addition to working in the sexual health field, Samantha has worked with individuals with disabilities, individuals with mental illness and advocating for youth by recognizing young people have agency. Samantha was awarded the Rising Star award from Oklahoma State University College of Human Sciences in 2018. She received her bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma State University in Human Development and Family Science in 2014 and earned her Masters from Oklahoma State University in HDFS with a focus on Child and Family Services in 2017.

A: If I had to be on a reality TV show I think it would be Guys Grocery Games. I love Guy Fieri and come from a family of chefs. I think it would be great if we could all compete together as a family and see what shenanigans we get into! I definitely would not be the best cook but think it would be a fun challenge to tackle as a family!

A: One of my favorite things about Tulsa is the small town feel, but big city benefits. We have an incredible arts scene, great local businesses and restaurants, amazing concert venues that attract great talent and so much more. There is always the opportunity to find something new. I love the people I’ve met and come to know in Tulsa and the people who are working hard to make it a better place for everyone.

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