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The most fun folks you will ever meet. Our dream is for every young person to grow up in a community that supports them and their dreams, and provides the education and resources to plan their entire future.

She / Her / Ella

Alex Hurtado joined Amplify in October 2022 as the Latine and Hispanic Initiatives Coordinator. Alex was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV where she attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She moved to Tulsa in 2017 where she joined Teach for America. Before joining Amplify, Alex taught at Felicitas Mendez International School for 5 years.  She has a love for youth and knows how capable they are when given the resources they deserve.  Alex is passionate about bilingual education, sexual health and the Latin Community.  When you don’t see her out and about serving the community, she’s teaching Zumba classes around Tulsa!

A: The soundtrack of my past is anything from Lady Gaga, my present soundtrack is anything by Bad Bunny, and the soundtrack of my future is Lofi beats.

A: My favorite thing about Tulsa is how big the city is but how it feels like a small town. There are people in the community that are doing work for all people here!

She / Her / Hers

Brittany McCulloch joined the Amplify team in September 2022 as the Communications and Marketing Manager. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in 2016 from Oklahoma State University and completed a Master’s in Mass Communications in 2023 at her alma mater. She has previously worked at Tulsa Area United Way and Tulsa CASA, and she currently serves on the steering committee of NextGen United. Brittany was also awarded a NextGen Under 30 Oklahoma award in 2022. She has a passion for programs that help young people stay healthy and safe, and she enjoys being a storyteller for the incredible work nonprofit organizations do in the Tulsa community.

A: Spending Christmas in New York, meeting Taylor Swift, and seeing Drake on tour.

Tulsa just feels like home! I grew up in the area and have made memories all over town, from riding the Zingo at Bell’s every summer, to watching my favorite artists perform at the BOK Center, to starting my career downtown surrounded by the beautiful Art Deco. Also… Warehouse Bar & Grill 💔 R.I.P.

She / Her / Hers

Chamari’ Walker joined Amplify in October 2023 as the Public Health Initiatives Manager. She earned both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Northeastern State University.  Prior to joining Amplify, Chamari worked as a Case Manager for persons newly diagnosed with HIV and addressed social determinants of health to improve health outcomes for underserved populations. Her passions include all things public health, shopping, reading and hanging out with loved ones. 

Target! Target has everything I could ever want and/or need!

My favorite thing about Tulsa is the community, food, and nightlife.

She / Her / Hers

Cristine Segui-Harris joined Amplify as the Operations and Administrative Coordinator in July 2022. She earned an Associate degree’s in Liberal Arts from TCC and a Bachelor’s degree in American Studies from OSU. Cristine is an avid reader and has previously worked at local bookstores like Border’s, Barnes and Noble, and Magic City Books. Prior to moving to Tulsa, she worked as a Program Coordinator for a collaborative group between YFS and AutismOklahoma called Bee’s Knees, which is an art group for adults with Autism. Cristine has always had a passion to help people in whatever capacity they need. Being a parent and having worked at a preschool, her love for children and youth led her to Amplify.

A: Since moving to Tulsa 6 years ago, I’ve told everyone that if I am going to be living in Oklahoma, I’m glad that it’s Tulsa. The community is very passionate. Whether you are an activist, artist, runner, bicyclist, reader, parent, advocate etc. you will find a group of individuals who share your love. The resourcefulness of the people of Tulsa to make such an impact is inspiring and should be a model for other cities. 

She / Her / Hers

Donna Willis joined Amplify Youth Health Collective in July 2020 as the Grant Manager. Donna has a varied background, including obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, running a home business as a medical transcriptionist, training as a horticultural therapist, freelance editing, and serving as office manager for the Zarrow Center for Learning Enrichment at the University of Oklahoma. Donna has experience assisting with writing and administering a range of large-scale federal grants as well as state and agency grants. She also served on the research team that developed the Transition Assessment and Goal Generator and assisted with data management and technical writing.

A: Life’s Better When You’re Growing: The Enduring Education of Donna Willis

Coming up with a title for my autobiography required a bit of self-reflection, but I didn’t want to overlook the forest for the trees, so to speak. Looking back, I can see that my happiest times have involved growing. I have a passion for horticulture and love growing flowers and veggies. I enjoy growing my knowledge through formal education and studying my passions of horticulture and natural healing. And, I am having so much fun with my growing family, which now includes 3 amazing grandchildren and an adorable baby nephew!

A: The Gathering Place! It’s a beautiful park and there are so many amazing features and options for family fun.

They / Them / Theirs

Gabrielle joined Amplify in August 2023 as the School Based Youth Leadership Council Coordinator. Gabrielle was born in Virginia and studied English Literature and French at the University of Texas at Arlington. They moved to Tulsa in 2020 to work for City Year Tulsa. Before coming to Amplify, they worked in education and public health. They have experience in positive youth development and broadcast communications. Gabrielle, who also goes by G. enjoys working alongside students to make positive change at the community level. Outside of work, G. is an avid reader and proud cat dad.

The Forty Year War in Afghanistan by Tariq Ali

I found this book to be incredibly engaging and helpful in decentering western perspectives on a conflict into which we have inserted ourselves with disastrous, violent results. Ali’s collection of essays spanning — you guessed it, forty years — are prescient in their warnings to global powers.

Possessing the Secret of Joy by Alice Walker

This book was at times difficult to read, but I could not put it down. Thinking about this question actually makes me want to pick it up again! Walker explores the world of a woman caught between her two identities, one attached to the United States, the other to Walker’s fictional African country, Olinka. Using a postcolonial lens, Walker tells the story of her protagonist as she considers, and then undergoes, a procedure traditional in her homeland. This novel is a mediation on whether the mind and the body can coexist fractured across cultures and traditions.

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

This novel has gutted me. Yanagihara gently drags her audience through glass shards for over 800 pages. I have never read a book more quickly in my life. The writing is excellent, the plot is a stab in the gut, and the characters are pure gold throughout, despite — or perhaps especially because of — their very human flaws. 

Tulsa is one of the largest cities I’ve ever lived in since graduating high school in a tiny town (population of less than 20,000!).

What I’ve found is that despite its size, Tulsa still feels very friendly. Tulsans are close-knit but very welcoming to people who move here looking to find and contribute to a growing community.

She / Her / Hers

Heather Duvall returned to Amplify Youth Health Collective as its Executive Director in November 2020.  In her previous five-year tenure, from 2013 to 2018, she was the Director of Programs at Amplify (previously known as Tulsa Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy) where she guided strategic direction for the organization and established sexual health education in Tulsa Public Schools.  

Heather is a leader in the nonprofit sector in Oklahoma and a national leader in the adolescent health and development field. Prior to Amplify, she held leadership roles at CAP Tulsa and Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy, and taught at the University of Central Oklahoma. Most recently she was the statewide Director of Programs for the Oklahoma Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. 

For over 20 years, Heather has been advocating for educational opportunities and uniting diverse groups toward a shared vision to make our communities a place where all young people are valued. She was raised in rural Oklahoma and has a Master’s Degree in Communication from the University of Oklahoma and a Bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma State University.    

A: If I could have one super power I would wish to be MAGIC. And I would conjure all types of powers for good in the world. And the dishes and laundry would always be done.

A: I grew up in a small town. At an early age, I recognized that the interconnections of families, neighbors, and the entire community plays a vital role in supporting young people. One of my favorite things about Tulsa is that you can see that same type of community support here, even though it is a much larger city. There are many disparities that exist for too many young people in Tulsa, and I see Tulsans working every day to make it a better place where all young people can grow up healthy and able to take hold of every opportunity. The work that we get to do supports all young people to fulfill their highest potential, and the enthusiastic collaboration in Tulsa makes it all possible.

She / Her / Hers

Jenny Briggs joined the Amplify team in August 2019. Jenny is a lifelong Tulsan who brings a strengths-based, systems-oriented approach and passion for youth voice to her work with Amplify. She earned her Master of Social Work from the University of Oklahoma in 2014 and is licensed by the Oklahoma State Board of Licensed Social Workers at the LMSW level. Jenny has over a decade of experience at the intersection of public health and community-based social work. In her current role, Jenny guides the strategic vision for Amplify’s capacity-building programs, supporting program staff and external partners to advance youth sexual health and well-being in Tulsa. In addition to working as a sexuality educator for four years, Jenny’s experiences include positive youth development, trauma-responsive care, team management, program development and evaluation, and leveraging community partnerships to achieve long-term goals.

A: Can I choose 146? If I can choose 146 folks, I’d bring all the youth I had the opportunity to work with in Carrera class of 2021 together again. I’ve never laughed more with or learned more from anyone (especially you, 7th hour) than this remarkable, reflective, courageous, hilarious group of young people. But if I only get one, I’d have to pick Kurt Vonnegut, because he was clever and charming and profound all in the same sentence.

A: The people. I have the privilege of working alongside some of the most heart-centered, youth-driven, intentional folks in promoting adolescent sexual health and in my personal life. I’m grateful for the change makers, the social workers, the advocates, the organizers, and the mentors I learn from every day. Tulsa is transforming because the people just do NOT quit.

She / Her / Hers

Kasey Hughart joined Amplify in April 2023 as the Program Manager. For nearly 9 years, she worked at Strong Tomorrows initially hired as the first Case Manager to help build the school-based program to support expectant and parenting students in overcoming barriers to achieve academic and personal success leading to district-wide implementation within Tulsa Public Schools. She also had the opportunity to previously serve as the Coach for Tulsa Changemakers at Hale High School where youth led the way in creating and implementing impact projects such as increasing bilingual support for students and hosting cultural diversity events to promote student engagement. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Tulsa and a Master of Social Work degree from OU-Tulsa. With years of community organizing experience as the co-founder of Dream Action Oklahoma and other volunteer roles, she has utilized her knowledge and experience in the Hispanic/Latinx and immigrant communities to bridge the gap of community resource access. The passion for her work centers on positive youth development, culturally respectful and inclusive social work practices, immigrant and reproductive justice, grassroots community organizing, and resource connection. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with family, traveling, and learning to cook traditional Mexican/Tex-Mex dishes. 

I would choose to relive the third day that I started as the first Case Manager for Strong Tomorrows at Hale High School back in Fall 2014. I was receiving a tour of the school building by the principal and our program director when I noticed a student walking towards me from the cafeteria. Eventually we recognized each other from when the student was in elementary school and I was her mentor in an after school program. We were happy and excited to reconnect, I explained to her that I was working at her high school now to pilot a school-based support program for young parents and invited her to visit me. She said she knew of a few friends to refer for program services who were young parents. Suddenly, my tiny office had a steady flow of referred young parents who were identified by my former student and the Strong Tomorrows program was able to be developed sooner than expected with immediate buy-in from young parents based on a previous trusted working relationship with one student. She continued to support the build-up of our program from her freshmen to senior year and recently graduated from Tulsa Community College. If it wasn’t for her, then I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to help develop Strong Tomorrows into what it is today and I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to get to know so many brilliant, courageous, kind, strong young parents throughout their life journeys. My Nathan Hale Rangers will always have a special place in my heart! 

My favorite thing about Tulsa is the sense of community that I’ve known my whole life growing up surrounded by family, friends, and mentors as well as collaborating with families and youth throughout my professional career. Every time I’m out and about in Tulsa, there is a good chance I’ll come across a familiar face whether I’m at the grocery store, attending a cultural festival, or grabbing a waffle cone of Cappuccino Chunky Chocolate ice cream at Braum’s. I almost moved out of state last summer and that experience really helped me to further appreciate the people in my life who make Tulsa a special place to call home. 

She / Her / Hers

LaKala Williams joined Amplify in 2022 after serving as a member of Amplify’s Youth Leadership Council and intern at Amplify. LaKala is a proud North Tulsa Native and graduate of Booker T. High School. After receiving her bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Oklahoma, she began to explore her lifelong passions for adolescent health & well-being, Black maternal health, and reproductive and social justice, with a career as a public health professional and enthusiast. LaKala is an intentional community builder, who is committed to youth advocacy, creating safe spaces, and educating and empowering populations, in order to deliver better health outcomes. LaKala sees her mission as not only personal, but having moral, ethical imperatives. Outside of Amplify, LaKala enjoys traveling, being a doula and good food! 

A: My power would be the ability to control time. I would be able to stop, reverse, slow down and speed up time whenever I pleased. How cool would it be to relive the good times and fast forward through the bad?!

A: My favorite thing about Tulsa is the sense of community and belonging. Also, honorable mention: The downtown Coney Island, specifically the downtown one! 

She / Her / Hers

Lyric joined Amplify in July 2023, as a Community Engagement Specialist. A beacon of dedication and passion, she emerged from the University of Central Oklahoma in May 2023, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Community and Public Health with a minor in Spanish. Proudly hailing from Tulsa, Lyric’s roots extend deep into her Louisiana heritage. From the earliest days of her upbringing, Lyric’s unwavering affection for her community flourished, finding expression through her active participation in various volunteer programs and organizations. This mosaic of experiences fostered an intricate tapestry of community engagement, igniting her zeal for unity and collaboration. Lyric’s compass, firmly pointing toward the welfare of the Black community, set her on a profound journey in Public Health. Her academic pursuits were driven by an unwavering desire to provide attentive care and address the health needs of her community. Her quest has led her to a pivotal juncture, where she aspires to imprint a lasting legacy, one that elevates her community to new heights. Beyond her professional pursuits, Lyric’s heart resonates with the holistic well-being of others – an ardent advocate for health equity and the interconnectedness of mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. Her passion radiates, encompassing a vision where every individual, irrespective of background, stands equipped to embrace a life of vitality and fulfillment. Lyric, a force for transformation, thrives within the intersection of community engagement, public health, and holistic well-being. As she embarks on her chapter with Amplify, her dedication to nurturing a brighter and healthier future for all remains an unwavering cornerstone of her journey. 

My favorite thing about Tulsa how diverse the community is. It is truly a city unlike any other!

The soundtrack of my past is Courage by Lianne La Havas, my present soundtrack is Closer by Goapele, and the soundtrack of my future is Chosen by Madison Ryann Ward.

She / They

Maggie joined Amplify in June 2023 as a Community Engagement Fellow through the Tulsa Service Year program. She graduated from Tulane University in May 2023 with a Bachelor’s degree in Gender and Sexuality Studies and an undergraduate certificate in Gender Based Violence. As a (mostly) lifelong Oklahoman, Maggie is excited to be back in their home state and hopes to work with the Amplify team and partners to make Oklahoma more welcoming and affirming for 2SLGBTQ+ individuals. Outside of work, she enjoys baking new desserts, watching movies, and going to local bookstores despite having a to-read list that’s 150 books long!

A: I’m a big superhero nerd so this is kind of difficult, but I think I would have to go with invisibility/force field powers like Violet from The Incredibles. That might be cheating since it’s technically two powers, but we’ll just say it’s “honoring the source material.”

A: I just moved to Tulsa, so I am really excited to explore all the fun places that the city has to offer. So far, I have really loved going to Magic City Books, driving on Riverside, and going to the Gathering Place.

She / Her / Hers

Samantha Higgs joined Amplify Youth Health Collective as the Capacity and Outreach Coordinator in November 2020. Samantha previously worked as a Health Education Specialist at Youth Services of Tulsa serving youth around the Tulsa area by providing sexual health education and assisting young people in connecting with clinics for their sexual health care. She has served as the secretary for the Tulsa Health and Education Coalition since January of 2018. In addition to working in the sexual health field, Samantha has worked with individuals with disabilities, individuals with mental illness and advocating for youth by recognizing young people have agency. Samantha was awarded the Rising Star award from Oklahoma State University College of Human Sciences in 2018. She received her bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma State University in Human Development and Family Science in 2014 and earned her Masters from Oklahoma State University in HDFS with a focus on Child and Family Services in 2017.

A: If I had to be on a reality TV show I think it would be Guys Grocery Games. I love Guy Fieri and come from a family of chefs. I think it would be great if we could all compete together as a family and see what shenanigans we get into! I definitely would not be the best cook but think it would be a fun challenge to tackle as a family!

A: One of my favorite things about Tulsa is the small town feel, but big city benefits. We have an incredible arts scene, great local businesses and restaurants, amazing concert venues that attract great talent and so much more. There is always the opportunity to find something new. I love the people I’ve met and come to know in Tulsa and the people who are working hard to make it a better place for everyone.

She / Her / Hers

Sierra Carter joined Amplify in June 2023 as the Training Manager. For nearly 12 years, she worked in the Tulsa Health Department’s PREP program as an Adolescent Sexual Health Educator where she implemented various sex ed programs in Tulsa County school districts and youth-serving organizations. She also continues to serve as a nationally certified trainer for evidence-based intervention programs where she facilitates best practices in sex education and positive youth development. What fuels Sierra’s passion for adolescent health is the incredible people that she shares this work with in empowering young people to become the very best advocates for themselves! She received her bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma State University in Health Promotion and maintains her credentials as a Certified Health Education Specialist.

If I were to have nothing and no one else, at least I would have all my photos. I love how pictures have a magical way of transporting your mind back into the times of those once lived memories. I am instantly reminded of all the subtle details that are forever ingrained in those captured moments from my life, like the smell of my favorite Bath & Body Works fragrances when I was a teen (Hi Cucumber Melon!). The taste of Chili’s bottomless chips and salsa that served as my go-to late night snack while working the closing shifts in Stillwater (Go Pokes!). The sound of a dropped iPad slapping the concrete face first while playing a round of Heads Up! which almost ultimately ruined the planned surprise proposal from my partner at our housewarming party (I think I still owe someone a new iPad LOL!)

It’s the Goldilocks of cities. It’s not too big or too small and the people are just right! There are fun and unique ways to get out and enjoy time with your friends and family. And whether you’re a Tulsa lifer or brand new to the town, you quickly learn that everyone here is connected by six degrees of separation or less!

Any Respectful Pronouns

Tammy joined the Amplify Team in September 2020. Tammy is a proud Neurodivergent Latinx Queer artist and a charismatic advocate for the rights of people to feel good in their bodies and live in safe communities. With YLC, Tammy collaborates with teen leaders in the area to create resources and events promoting adolescent sexual health and well-being in the Tulsa Area. Tammy wants to combat adultism, body-negativity and support young people to fully grow into themselves without fear. With the support and collaboration of many young people, Tammy has spent the last 8 years creating award-winning, nationally recognized program spaces where young people can lead and innovate their communities ranging from Body Positive fashion clubs, POC empowerment spaces, Summer Camps, and her current role with Amplify’s Youth Leadership Council. With his background in photography and a Human relations degree from “The school of life”, Tammy has seen the power positive media representation and meaningful participation can have for marginalized groups in society and brings these ideas to their activism and their career as Youth Program Coordinator.

A: I have always wanted my own talk show! The current working title is “Tea Time with Tammy” and here is my lineup for the first episode full of laughs, music, science, and in depth interviews with celebrities!

  1. Introduction where I share the names I go by as a Nonbinary person! I use the names Tammy and T so it’s best to get that lesson out of the way first to avoid confusion 🙂
  2. Comedic skits and stand up sets from Ilana Glazer and Michelle Buteau to warm up the crowd.
  3. Science experiments with STEM queen and style Icon Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus
  4. Belly Dance tutorial from my childhood Pop idol Shakira where she’s impressed by my skills and takes me on tour with her
  5. Fashion segment with a style panel of Billy Porter, Alok Vaid Menon and my Mom.
  6. Megan thee Stallion will close out the show with some music from her new album

I may be biased because it’s my show, but I’d watch it! Hope you would too, those celebrity appearances ain’t cheap! 🙂

A: It’s the great mixture of small town and metropolitan. There’s a little bit of everything you would find in a city yet the nights are quiet and peaceful like a small town. I also love and support the growing diversity we have from all the people who make Tulsa great with their cultures, languages, food and individuality. The diversity makes Tulsa so much more culturally rich and I’m excited to see the progress and important conversations we as Tulsans have together.

She / Her / Hers

Whitney Mathews joined Amplify in summer 2023 as the Project Manager for a multi-year TANF grant. Throughout her fifteen years in the nonprofit field, she has worked with diverse organizations to build equitable educational resources in Tulsa. Whitney wholeheartedly believes youth can accomplish amazing things and she is passionate about creating a community where young people have the resources they need and deserve to overcome challenges and become courageous leaders.

When not working to dismantle systems of oppression, Whitney is probably doing something outdoors with her family, plants, or doggos. She can also re-bloom orchids and fold a fitted sheet, so she’s pretty much a full-grown adult.

The people. Tulsa is filled with people collaborating to make it a better place for everyone. This is such a vibrant, friendly city. There are so many committed people working to learn from our past and drive change for a positive future.

IKEA. From multipurpose furniture to unpronounceable names, this place has everything. Bright colors, immersive displays, everything you could ever need to organize and so much more! Oh, and meatballs.

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