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Youth Leadership Council

Applications for 2022-2023 Youth Leadership Council will open later this summer. Stay tuned!

Since organizing a Battle of the Bands, leading workshops, & publishing their own Coloring Book, Youth Leadership Council is back & looking for new members to join their collective to advance Sexual Health in the community!

We will be looking for 10 new members in the Tulsa Area that are:

  • Between the ages of 14-18 (19 if first year out of high school)
  • Passionate about community advocacy
  • Looking to gain and develop leadership skills
  • Interested in conversations about sexual health, and wellness
  • Wanting to be a trusted informational resource to peers

YLC members select, implement, and lead projects dedicated to sexual health, reproductive health, healthy relationships, and wellness. In addition to receiving financial compensation for their work, members learn leadership, organization, and planning skills, and have access to resources, transportation, and networking opportunities.

Important details for interested applicants!

  • Applications will be due in SEPTEMBER 2022. 
  • Applications must be submitted w/ a creative component (more info in application)
  • Creative components will also be due in SEPTEMBER 2022.
  • Members must be able to attend Biweekly YLC meetings on Thursdays from 5:15 PM -7:45 PM
  • Members must attend YLC Orientation Retreat on SATURDAY (TBD) from 10:30 AM-3:30 PM

For more information or if you have any questions email, thilbert@amplifytulsa.org

Youth leaders representing 9 different schools in the Tulsa Metro area joining together to lead charges for the community.

“With the state of affairs in our state government, it is up to you and me, average citizens, to be the change. And what better voices to do it?”

Maggie M. (YLC 2019-2020 Member)

Meet Youth Leadership Council

*Youth Leadership Council bios and photography coming soon*

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